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This is  Institut Bosc de la Coma’s mobility blog, where anyone, student or teacher participating in a project may explain and share their experiences.

We started this initiative during the 2014-2015 course and hope to continue with it for many years.


Teachers in Belfast

This July, Rosa and Nuri  traveled to Belfast to supervise the training in work centers. We were in contact with the companies and we made cultural trips with the students. We were also in contact with our partners in Belfast and started a collaboration with a new partner in Dublin. An enjoyable summer!

Erasmus Belfast

Échange d’études 2017

Aller à la France a été une expérience très positive.

Quand vous arrivez on se demande comme sont les gens, la famille, le lycée… J’ai eu de la chance avec la famille parce que je pourrais effectuer de nombreuses activités et visiter de nombreux endroits: 


  • Château du Clos Lucé
  • París
  • L’Aquarium Lussault-sur-Loire

Le stage m’a permis d’apprendre une nouvelle langue et un nouveau vocabulaire et des méthodes de travail dans le commerce international. Une telle occasion vous ne pouvez pas manquer.

Simon Vidal


– Château du Clos Lucé





– Paris



– Aquarium  Lussault-sur-Loire



Giant’s Causeway

Panoramica giants



This weekend i went to the Giant’s Causeway.

The Giant’s Causeway is an area of about 40,000 interlocking basalt columns, the result of an ancient volcanic eruption. It is located in Country Antrim, on the northeast coast of Northern Ireland.

They are beautiful, and they are based in the legend of the giant Finn  McCool. The legend explains how he create all the things in the zone.

There i could see  the Giant’s Boot, the basalt columns, the Chimney Stacks and also a rock that it seems a camel and that the legend says that Finn use it one day to go fast to his home to sleep his son.

I recommend to everyone to go and fall in love with this beautiful natural area.
Me at the giants paretlleo


Erik Perea i Bofill.


Belfast Castle

The last friday we went to Belfast Castle, one of the singular places from Belfast. Is located in north Belfast and is a popular venue for conferences and weddings; also, there was a wedding that day. Another curious thing is the “Cat Garden”, which boasts no less than nine cats for visitors to discover. All clearly visible, but some hidden in plain sight.


Cat Garden

One of nine hidden cats


Joel Badosa


This weekend was the third time that Belfast has been host to this global event.
Over 50 vessels were docked along the harbour.  The people could get on board and  make a little journey around the sea. The celebration lasted for 4 days and many activities were done.

Tall ShipAt saturday night the typical fireworks of this festival were launched. It was beautiful, and a lot of people were there to see it.

Fireworks in Titanic QuarterAt the end, we and our italian friends went to the titanic museum, it’s one of the best buildings that I have ever seen. It’s shape is similar to a ship and it surrounded by a little pool of water, they want to give the impression that the Titanic is sailing. We finished the night by going to a nightclub called “Odyssey”, near the museum.

Titanic MuseumJoel Badosa